10 Best Screen Door Closer 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Sometimes, when your hands are full, or someone walks into a room or a couple of running children push open the door, you are left with an open door which nobody bothers to close. The solution to such open or even wildly swinging doors lies in automatic door closers.

Consideration factors when buying an screen door closer:

To intelligently choose automatic door closers for your doors, you have to know specific facts.

ADA (American Disability Act) Reduced Opening Force:

Check for the maximum opening force restrictions according to ADA on the automatic door closer. Sometimes, manufacturers print a disclaimer stating that the ADA recommended force might not be enough to close the automatic door closer.

Interior vs. Exterior:

Spring strength, which is the critical element in closing a door, ranges in sizes between 1 to 6, with the latter exerting the strongest closing force. Generally, interior doors require size 3 springs and exterior doors a size 4, as they have to close against wind and negative pressure.

Door Width:

Spring strength of the automatic door closer is determined by the width of the door. The wider the door, the greater the spring size.

The weight of the Door:

Automatic door closers should be selected according to the respective door weight.

Push or Pull:

Differently designed automatic door closers are suited for different kinds of doors, and they depend upon whether the door opens by pushing or pulling it.

Type of Door:

Doors are made from different materials like glass, wood or metal. So, make sure you get an automatic door closer that’s able to offer the required strength to close the said type of door seamlessly.

If you are looking for the best screen door closer then this article is helpful for you. There are plenty of brands available out there. They all have different specifications and qualities. It depends on your need that which kind of screen door closer you want.

Types of screen door closer:

Spring-loaded door closer:

  • They have spring inside and it allows the adjustable speed of the door. These types of door closers are suitable for every type of door. It allows opening the up to 90-degree angle.

Pneumatic screen door closer:

  • They work with air compression. They require proper maintenance and proper handling. They allow the easy and smooth swing to a door. You can adjust the speed of the door. Most of the users like to buy a pneumatic screen door closer as it provides better services.
  • Select the proper one because some of them only swing outside so it is necessary to check before buying.

Best brand available on the market:

Wright products V920 pneumatic door closer:

This one is pneumatic screen door closer which is really good and provides satisfactory performance. It works with pumping air in and out of the cylinder.


  • This one is only working for outside swinging. We can install it at the top or in the middle of the bottom of the door. The installation of this screen closer is simple and easy. It is light in weight and comes with an economical rate.
  • It can be open at a 90-degree angle and it is easy to adjust. This is durable and works properly. The only limitation is sometimes it gets too light in weight product as compared to door type but this fact can negligible.

Prime line KC10HD safety spring door closer:

This is spring-loaded and it allows you to adjust the speed of the door. This is a simple type of screen type of door closer and you can buy it.


  • They are easy to install and easy to operate the product. This works properly and gives you a roper swing of the door. It requires little space and that is one of the advantages of this door closer.
  • To install this door closer you have to drill the door and not every people like to do that.

Greenstart standard duty door closer for storm and screen doors:

If you need the simplest door screen then this one is best for you. This is one of the simplest and easy to install a screen door closer.


  • This works very smoothly and generously. Installation is also very easy and requires proper maintenance. It is compatible with any kind of door. It is suitable for any bracket available on the market. It comes at a very affordable price.
  • It is constructed to replace the older one easily and it comes with many features which are recommendable.

Before buying any product it is really necessary to know about the brands and type of that product. In this article, we have covered very informative knowledge about the door screen closer. Not all the screen door closer are the same, they all are different in their services.

Types of Automatic Door Closer:

There are four types of automatic door closure in the market:

  1. Surface-mounted
  2. Concealed in frame
  3. Concealed in floor
  4. Concealed Indoor


Tired of hearing the door slamming and making a huge amount of noise? An automatic door closer is just what you need to make sure the door closes behind you as quietly and as gently as possible.

There are times when you can barely pull the door behind you because you’re carrying many things in your hands. So it’s either the door is left open, or it just slams loudly behind you. If you have kids in the house, it can get a little irritating to hear the frequent slamming of the door.

Definitely not something you want to listen to when you prefer some peace and quiet. Fortunately, an automatic door closer can solve this problem. Open the door and there’s no need for you to use a hand to gently close it.

The door closer does the thing by itself. You can find a number of designs for a door closer depending on the type of door you have at home or in the office. Just be sure it is the right one that is compatible to your door, so you won’t have any problem in the installation process.

A screen door is extremely efficient and it allows you to get through without having to use your hands.

These doors are very beneficial as they can;

  1. Protect the exterior door
  2. Increase energy efficiency
  3. Keeps the insects out
  4. Decrease the chances of theft

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It is a mechanical device that not only prevents the door from crashing into the wall as its opened but also stops it from banging when it closes. Automatic door closers come in many versatile designs to suit your type of door.

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